Friday, June 7, 2013

Sweet dreams are made of this

Ella, a creative friend of mine lives on a yacht, she has been sailing the world with her husband for a while now and creates these fantastic beaded art works and tutorials on the boat.I guess that is the sort of bohemian wandering life I have always wanted for myself, and in a way, I have followed a path of walking this world on the the road less traveled by. My partner and myself have had this vision for a few years of traveling the seven seas. On a boat, a yacht to be more accurate.

We looked at boats for a few years, contemplating the requirements. Sails, size, age, hull type, glass or not, steel or not, aluminium or not. We found a boat that met our requirements in 2008 but the offer we made on it was not considered sufficient. That boat did not leave my life however, she popped up at regular intervals. And so after a lot of story and narration, we managed to buy her 2 weeks ago. A house on water. Sweet dreams are made of this. Who am I to disagree with the Universe?

So what do you think? Her name is Enya.

From outback to sea, what is there not to love about traveling this beautiful world.

Here is my friend Ella's etsy shop - see what you can do on a boat?

The plan is to live on her for a few years, then take off.

 I cannot wait.


sylovelyrita said...

Hi Bianca,

My questions yesterday were a bit premature. I should have read more on your blog first. But I was hasty because Louis, my mate, had supper ready (he's the cook, bless him!). What brand is it? I couldn't find that yet.

I love your friend Ella's work. I already saw some of her designs on Beading Daily.

I wish you wisdom with deciding what to take and what not. Good luck with the preparations of your new exciting life.

Greetings from Karin.

Bianca Velder said...

Hi Karin,
No brand, she is not a Jeanneau or one of those well known brands. She was built in New Zealand by Kiwi Yachts and is designed by a bloke called Max Cherry. For the past 5 yeas at least, she has been languishing away, not being used at all.

How she came to Australia is interesting, she was built for the American market, was used there for a while. Then the previous owner apparently saw her somewhere on a show and his then girlfriend was a sailing nut so he bought it for her.

My husband knows all about her, she was his screen saver for years before we finally managed to snaffle her.

Experimenting with beaded fish, will post a few soon.

Small stuff. Much fun to do.